How can Amazon Cloud Reader Help Me?


The book is a way to gather knowledge, isn’t it? There was a time when book lovers have to carry heavy books with them because of the love the read books. However, that time is almost gone! Well, now we are living in the 21st Century, and it is the era of modern technology. Now we don’t need to carry heavy books because now we can carry books on your laptop, mobile, eBook reader, etc. Now we can carry thousands of books in a simple Amazon cloud reader, and we can also read books online. Nowadays, Amazon Kindle is a very efficient way to read and buy books and save that book on Kindle cloud. So, anytime you can read that book through kindle cloud reader.

amazon cloud reader

Advantages of Amazon Cloud Reader:

Kindle cloud reader is one of the most beneficial features of Amazon Kindle. Always we can’t keep our eBook reader with us, but sometimes we badly need it. At that time, we can read eBooks through the Cloud reader even if you don’t have any Amazon Kindle eBook Reader, No Problem! You can read eBooks online. However, if you just have an Amazon account, then you can buy books and read those books online through this cloud reader. Without a device, you can get almost all facilities, how? Scroll down to know more.


Kindle Cloud is just a cloud storage like Google Drive, Mega Drive, Dropbox. You can use it like other cloud storages with your Amazon account. As I mentioned, Kindle cloud is just a cloud storage so your all books will be saved on Amazon’s server so you can sign in from any device to read your books on the web. So, don’t even think that the cloud reader is an e-reader, it’s just a method to access your cloud library by the internet.


It also has a great feature, and the feature is, you can buy free books from Kindle store. How? Simple, just go for those books which are free but how can you identify an open book? It’ll show 00.00 in the price section. How can you get that book on your kindle cloud reader? At first, go to that book’s page then you can see an option under ‘Buy Now’ which is ‘Deliver To’ so now select Kindle Cloud Reader and then click Buy Now. Now your desired Book is in your cloud reader.


One of the remarkable benefits of the cloud reader is, you can use two Kindle accounts at the same time. But for using two accounts together, you have to use a valid Amazon account and a local Amazon account. What is my amazon account? If you are from the UK, then your local Amazon site is,


You can also read Kindle in offline mode. For this you have to download that book then you can read that book in your web browser


Well, these are the advantages of Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader. Now let me know you a disadvantage of the cloud reader.

BIG Disadvantage of Amazon Kindle Reader:

The big problem with the Kindle cloud reader is, it will never show your personal documents, and even you can’t upload it. The web page will just show you those books you bought from the Kindle store. But you can upload your personal documents through your Kindle app or device, and you can download those only on a Kindle device.


In conclusion,

Amazon Cloud Reader is an excellent feature for book lovers, and they can also save money because they don’t have to buy the device. Now they can enjoy their favorite books from any computer and smartphone’s web browser.

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Can Malwarebytes Protect My Computer?

Nowadays everyone is using computer and computer is one of the most important things of our daily life. Now through the computer and the internet, we are doing lots of famous works. Internet and computer made our life easier than before. However, there is a bad thing which is always trying to give us the worst experience on the web, and it also want to damage our computer and the devil is Virus. Malware is one of the most dangerous software which can damage our computer. For protecting our computer from Malware, we need an antivirus.

is malwarebytes safe

As I said before, the malware is a computer-damaging software, so we have to protect our computer from malware with an antivirus. Malwarebytes is a 100% safe antivirus which can scan and clear all malware symptoms. It can find and destroy all viruses from your computer. Malwarebytes is a product of a well-known company Malwarebytes Corporation.

So, for protecting your PC from malware, and anti-malware software is essential. The Malwarebytes is not only for computer, but you can also use it on your mobile, and yes, it is also sufficient for your android mobile.

In 2017 a new virus arrived which is known as ransomware, it’s a dangerous virus. But Malwarebytes is protecting thousands of computers from ransomware. So, the Malwarebytes is safe to use for your devices.

Now let me know you some advantages and disadvantages of Malwarebytes, scroll down to read more.


If you think Malwarebytes is just an anti-malware software, then you are wrong because it can scan and clean all the viruses and harmful things from your computer.

Some antiviruses are very slow even those antiviruses take more than hours. But Malwarebytes can scan fast and correctly.

The best feature of Malwarebytes is, it will delete and block malicious and harmful stuff. So, Malwarebytes is safe to use, and it will assure a virus less computer for you.

Malwarebytes is very easy to use, it’s not that difficult like other antiviruses. So, you can easily use it.

Malwarebytes will always protect your device from malware, and it will save your device and computer from other harmful viruses.

Well, everything also has a downside. So, here are the disadvantages of Malwarebytes.


Malwarebytes can’t fix the infected file or software. It can only do send that file in a separate portion, or it will delete that infected file or software. There is no way to recover that software with Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes can’t scan and detect those viruses or infected files of software which are in the archive. But there is a solution for it. If you unpack the archive than Malwarebytes scanner can scan those diseased files of the archive.

In summary, Malwarebytes is a great anti-malware. You can try this. Are you scared of losing your money? Don’t worry it will also offer you a free version and a trial version of that premium version. If you feel Malwarebytes is safe, then you can go for the premium version. So go and download from Malwarebytes official website but don’t download from any third-party website and try it yourself.

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How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 6

Not everyone knows everything about their smartphones. And it is quite normal with iPhone users as they seem quite lost about so many things. Especially, when it comes to setting up the voicemail. And if you are one of them then don’t need to be ashamed as it is natural. However, today I will teach you how to set up voicemail on iPhone 6. After learning this, you will feel like the wizard of the iPhone world. So, let get this thing started then.

how to set up voicemail on iphone 6

How to set up voicemail on iPhone 6

You will be amazed when you will learn how to set up voicemail on iPhone 6 as it is a child’s play. However, I know that not every user is tech friendly. So, showing the set up using a single mobile network won’t help everyone as some might feel hard to follow the process with their network. This is why I covered a variety of mobile networks so that everyone can follow this and learn how to set up voicemail on iPhone 6.


AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint

Setting up the voicemail for AT&T users is a piece of cake. First, go to your phone app on your iPhone. Open it and then go the voicemail settings. After that, you will see a set up now button on the screen. When you will tap it, it will tell you to create a password. Do that and then confirm the password after entering it once more. Then you just need to create a greeting message. You can do that yourself or use any AT&T default message. This is how to set up voicemail on iPhone 6 if you are an AT&T user. The process is similar for Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint users too.



The process of how to set up voicemail on iPhone 6 for Vodafone users is somehow different as it is a British telecommunication company. To start with, go to the phone and dial the number 121. You have to listen to the call carefully as it will instruct you what to do to set up the voicemail on the phone. Then again you will need to set up a password. One thing that is different with Vodafone is that it doesn’t take repeated numbers or sequential numbers as passwords. So, you need to be random with the password for the voicemail. After you are done with that you need to set your greetings. Then set the time and choose your state and you are all done.

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I hope that you now know how to set up voicemail on iPhone 6 as I have covered all the major networks. The process is quite similar for all of them and it is an easy thing to do. You don’t need to be acquainted with the tech world to set up it by yourself. The process is so simple that anyone can do it. Just give it a go and let me know if you were able to do it. If you face any sort of problem, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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How to Solve iPad Disabled Connect to iTunes

Have you ever picked your device and saw the words iPad disabled connect to iTunes. Don’t know about you but I have faced this issue couple of times. My little nephews are quite curious whenever they get their hand on my phone and try every possible code. And as you know if you enter the wrong pass for a couple of times the device gets disabled. I hope you never have to face such issue but if you do then it is important to know what to do. So, don’t wait for the crisis to happen and learn what you should do if you ever face such horrifying moment.

How to solve iPad disabled connect to iTunes

If you ever face the iPad disabled connect to iTunes situation then hope that you have made a backup in the past. If you didn’t that then there is no hope for saving your data. And in that case, you require erasing the data from your device so that you can remove the password. One of the ways of doing that is by using the iTunes. However, to use this method you need to be synced with iTunes or it won’t work.

First of all, if you wish to solve the iPad disabled connect to iTunes problem then you had to have sync with iTunes as you know. Also, that isn’t enough to solve the problem as you then have to follow the steps below to remove the passcode.

To start with, connect your device to your computer to sync with. Then you need to open the iTunes. If it asks for you the passcode then you should try with another computer that you have synced with in past. And if it still does so then you might need to use the recovery mode. The iTunes should automatically sync the device; however, if it doesn’t then you need to do that by yourself. In that case, just use the “Back Up Now” button to sync the devices. After the sync is done, restore the device. To restore the device, you need to pick the option “Restore from iTunes backup” to set up your device. Then from there, the task is easy. Choose your device and choose from the backup. If you have several backups then always use the recent one. The process will take some time to complete. In that moment you need to wait patiently and don’t interrupt anything or it can go wrong. When it is done properly you will see that the device won’t show the message iPad disabled connect to iTunes.

For your information, this process will only work if you have a backup stored in your iTunes. If you don’t then you can’t do anything. Your only option then is the recovery mode as I’ve stated earlier.

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Bottom Line

The iPad disabled connect to iTunes is like a horror movie that haunts Apple users. This is something that many of you have faced or will in the future due to too many wrong passcode inputs. However, now you know what you need to do if you ever face this problem.

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How to Enable Cookies in Firefox – Best Guide Ever

While navigating the internet a term that comes up very often that you might be familiar with is the word “Cookies.” Often people mistake them for viruses and don’t know what they do. However, that will change today as I will give you a brief knowledge about internet cookies. Also, I will show you how to enable cookies in Firefox so that you can get some benefits from it. Let’s get this party started then if you are ready.

how to enable cookies in firefox

What does “Cookie” mean?

For an easy understanding of the concept first, you need to know how internet browsing works. Using an explorer, you access different websites. During your navigation, there is a communication going on between your computer and the server of the site visited. The site then wants to know some personal data about you to keep them as a package. This is because if you visit the site later, then you don’t require starting the communication from the scratch. That is why you will see some sites asks you for your email, name and other data to keep them stored. And that is my friends what we call cookies. This isn’t something harmful to your PC instead it is for your benefit. And if you want to get on with it then let me show you how to enable cookies in Firefox now.

How to enable cookies in Firefox:

If you want to know how to enable cookies in Firefox, then the first thing you need is to open the browser. Then go to the upper right side of the browser and click on the menu button. You will see a lot of options. Choose the one that says “Preferences” in your Mac operating system. For Windows users, the button is named as “options.” When you click on that button, it will take you to a new window. In the left side of the new window, you will see several menu items. Click the Privacy button from the menu. And this is where the thing gets a tad confusing as there is no button named cookies in the browser. That is because Firefox keeps the cookies settings under the name History. Here the “Firefox will” option will give you the chance to enable or disable your cookie settings. Click on to the drop menu, and you will see three options. If you want to enable the cookies for the browser, then choose the option Remember History, and that’s it. Do that and close the window. The settings will take place as the cookies are enabled. It is as easy as you can get.

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I hope that you now know more about what internet cookies do and also learned how to enable cookies in Firefox. With this feature, you can make your browsing more swift as you don’t require putting the login information all the time. However, sometimes clear the cookies if you log in with any other device that is not yours for your own privacy.

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Is There Any Black iPhone 6 or Not?

People are all going crazy with the iPhone 7 as it has become a ritual whenever the latest flagship smartphone from Apple hits the market. However, some people still love their old iPhone 6. But after seeing the latest iPhone model, one question started to blow all over the internet. Why there was no black iPhone 6 while there is two black shaded iPhone 7. This is quite frustrating for many users as many would have loved to see the iconic black finish in the back of their iPhone 6. But don’t be mad after all as you are getting the same advantages of the latest black colored back finish in your smartphones without having one. Confusing, isn’t it? Let us find what it is all about then.

Black iPhone 6

Is there any black iPhone 6 or not?

Like the iPhone 5 model, iPhone 6 also came to the market with only three color options. And again for some reason, there was no black iPhone 6 like their previous version smartphones. You get the colors gold, silver and space gray. However, that has changed as the new iPhone 7 offers a variety of color packs. And there are even two black colors finishes in the back. Nonetheless, without having the black iPhone 6, customers can easily get the same advantage of having an iPhone 7 in black without their knowledge. Let me show you around to get you acquainted with it.


  • The space gray colored iPhone 6 is the black iPhone 6 in many ways and even better. Because in this color iPhone the faceplate is black like in the iPhone 7 that comes in the black or jet black color. Therefore, you can enjoy watching movies or your favorite TV shows the same way that you do on your TV or monitors. You don’t get distracted looking at the faceplate as it disguises itself nicely. Also, playing games in the space gray iPhone are much easier on the eyes too.


  • The space gray model is the black iPhone 6 but better as I have mentioned earlier. That is because the previous iPhone 5 had a lot of issues with their black casing. It showed the scratches that are hard for anyone to ignore. That is why there is no black model in iPhone 6, and they went with the gray one. They kept the faceplate color black to give the immersive feeling while watching or playing on the iPhone. But they changed the back, so the scratches won’t be seen so easily like they used to do.


  • The black iPhone 6 or in reality the space gray one is also great as you don’t have to worry about the faceplates fading. This is something that the other two colored iPhone 6 owners have to worry about a lot, but not the ones who got the black faceplate.

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I know there is no black iPhone 6 available and that makes some owners disappointed. Black is the color of many and if it is yours too then find a black cover for your smartphone as that is the last resort.


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Can I Run Overwatch in My PC?

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Can I run Overwatch with my current PC or need an Upgrade

Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter game that has become a phenomenon from the very first day. For many players, it has no less than an obsession as many compare it to the iconic counter strike. However, the graphics of this game is obviously superior to CS. So, many people have the same inquiries in forums like can I run Overwatch on my PC or not. And if you are asking the same question over and over again and still didn’t find the answer you were looking for then today is your lucky day.


Can I run Overwatch?

When I first found about this game, the first thing that I asked myself is that can I run Overwatch on my PC or not? So, I really started doing my research and the thing that I found out that the minimum requirements to run this game are not quite that much. For instance, you require an Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom X3 8650 processor which is very common in many computers and laptops nowadays. To run the game with minimum requirements you need to have at least 4 GB of RAM and use operating systems like Vista, Windows 7/8 or the latest Windows 10. And for the visual effects, you need to use NVidia GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 4850, or Intel HD Graphics 4400 which is quite low-level graphics card, to be honest.


So, can I run Overwatch on my PC? You know the answer, however, that is minimum requirements which let you play the game but not with the best experience. If you want to enjoy this multiplayer shooting game at its best then you need to upgrade your systems a bit. To start with, get an Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X3, 2.8 GHz processor to make things smoother. Also, you require at least 6 GB of RAM and getting video cards like NVidia GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7950 should be your top priority. This upgrade will improve the visual qualities of the game to a whole new level.


Some Tips to run Overwatch on PC:

CPU: If you want silky smooth experience than the Intel i5, such as the i5-7500 will provide you with 144 FPS. However, Overwatch isn’t that demanding of a game but you can still think of getting this CPU for a superior experience and also, you can later enjoy other demanding games using it.


GPU: For a GPU, go with a NVidia rather than AMD as the game runs far better on the NVidia graphics card. For 1080 pixel with 60 FPS you require the RX 460. For 1440 pixels get the GTX 1050 and if you want to enjoy 4K resolution with 60 FPS then look for GTX 1070 or something superior to that.


More tips:

  • It is better to play Overwatch on PC than consoles.
  • With good enough system you will get a fast, accurate gameplay.
  • Requirements are quite minimal and affordable to most.
  • Overwatch manages to deliver a stable gaming experience on most mid-range and low-end notebooks and laptops.


Hopefully, this is the last time you will ask anyone the daunting question, can I run Overwatch on my PC? Because I gave you all the details you require knowing. If you still have more queries then don’t hesitate to ask. However, I don’t think you will have any after reading this.

Is Malwarebytes Safe or It Is Another Hoax?

In the world of anti-malware tools, Malwarebytes is one of the best known. It is an anti-virus program that helps us to keep our devices safe from unwanted programs. But most people usually have a concern about such software protection programs. So, is Malwarebytes safe is a question that many would ask. Let us find out whether it is safe or another hoax.

is malwarebytes safe

Is Malwarebytes safe or it is another hoax?

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware program that can replace the traditional antivirus with ease. This is a joint statement as all anti-virus software companies claim the same. But most of the times, they aren’t capable of handling the situation. Anti- malware programs like this are easily penetrable. Therefore, it does more damage to the computer system than doing anything good. So, having the same concern with Malwarebytes doesn’t come as a surprise. Therefore, before installing the software one needs to know whether is Malwarebytes safe or it is another deception. For your information, the software is quite good. I have used the premium version, and that was a great experience. Let me show you some of its advantages and give you an idea why is Malwarebytes safe.

The main benefits of Malwarebytes

The biggest advantage of Malwarebytes is that it is free. At least for two weeks, you can enjoy the premium version without paying a penny. With other similar products, you will pay the money upfront to enjoy the protection. With this, you can enjoy the trial version and see what it can do to protect your computer. However, is Malwarebytes safe if you use the trial version? And the answer is yes as it offers all the premium stuff.

This service has two different types of threat analysis system. The first one is the so-called Threat Scan. This is specifically responsible for dealing with areas where malware is often hidden. While the Custom Scan gives users the ability to analyze the system as they wish.

When you download Malwarebytes anti-malware for free, you usually get two types of the analysis system. However, there is a third one called the Hyper Scan, although to access it you have to buy the program definitively in its Premium version. This is something that will surely interest you if you are one of those demanding users who need their system 100% all the time.

Finally, it should be said that one of the great advantages of Malwarebytes compared to other similar systems is that this program performs fast, even when trying to detect so-called rootkits. So, is Malwarebytes safe? Yes, it surely is a safe anti-malware program which takes great care of our computers from those malicious programs in a flash.

Video Explanation



Is Malwarebytes safe or not that is something you need to find yourself by installing this software on your system. I hope you will give it a try and see it first-hand yourself rather than looking for answers from others.

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Intel Irish Graphics 6100

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Is Intel Iris Graphics 6100 Good for Gaming or Not

Many PC owners depend on integrated graphics like Intel Iris Graphics 6100 as their GPU. It is a standard graphics system for generating well enough graphic interfaces. But the million dollar question is if integrated graphics are reaching the level of dedicated ones or not. So, if you are always thinking about this too then it is the time to find the answer whether they are up to the mark or not.

Intel Iris Graphics 6100

intel iris graphics 6100

Intel Iris Graphics 6100 and other members of it have improved a lot in recent times. But surely you wonder if they are any good to play games without problems. Let us find the answer then.

Intel Iris Graphics VS Dedicated Graphics

You don’t have to be an expert to know that dedicated graphics systems are superior. It is their purpose. However, they come with their own nuances. For instance, the dedicated graphics cards are long. It requires a lot of space. Also, it needs its own ventilation and heat dissipation system to work properly. But the integral Intel Iris Graphics 6100 doesn’t require all that stuff. For the mid-range or low-end dedicated graphics that might change. However, in that case, they seem unnecessary. As the Intel Iris Graphics 6100 can improve the graphics performance far better. Also, it can manage graphics at 4K resolution with ease and also lets you play recent titles too. All this is possible because the communication between processor and graphics is much better.


Is Intel Iris Graphics 6100 good enough for gaming?

If what concerns you is being able to play with your laptop or desktop then Intel Iris Graphics 6100 will not hold you back. It is great for a casual player like me as I can play games without any complications. But it requires some adjustments. With the Intel Iris Graphics 6100, you need to lower requirements of texture quality level or light effects to play titles like GTA V, Middle-earth or similar games without any glitches. And for a hardcore gamer that is not acceptable. So, if you are one of them then you will have to consider solutions focused on this sector. To get the maximum quality and not lower of 60 frames per second then buying a dedicated graphics card is the way to go. But the important thing is that you now know that integrated graphics are no longer what they were in the past. Now they are very capable of offering a great experience for gamers with tight budgets. So keep that in mind when buying your new computer because it may not be a bad choice that many tell you it is.

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Intel Iris Graphics 6100 is quite great, to be honest. At present, opting for these types of options, especially on notebooks is not a bad idea. Obviously, the high-end dedicated graphics cards from manufacturers like NVidia or AMD are much superior. Nonetheless, you can still rely on integrated graphics for a good time.

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Reasons to buy the iPhone 7 Gold – Ultimate iPhone 7 Gold Buying Guide

All iPhone 7’s are the same with only the storage difference and their color appearance. And everybody talks about the specs of such products all the time. However, I want to speak of the later and especially the iPhone 7 gold as I have got myself one in that color. Technically my phone is the same as all of yours in specs and even in color with many users. But those who have the same iPhone in different colors will be in awe when you see why this one is quite better than the rest.

Advantage of iPhone 7 Gold

Right now iPhone 7 can be found in so many colors. There is the iPhone 7 Gold, and gold rose, silver and the iconic black one. Most people dive for the black and silver one. However, the gold one seems more elegant to me. But I’m not going to talk about what I think about it and rather show you why you should think of getting the iPhone 7 gold.

Distraction issue

iphone 7 gold

The iPhone 7 gold has a white faceplate. For a compulsive reader like me that is great as there is no black frame. This way reading eBooks is more pleasurable and comfortable for the eyes. However, if you are more into gaming than reading stuff, then the black faceplate iPhones will suit you better. But in the entire, gold one is better as more people use the internet to explore. And this type of frame gives more lighting to read stuff better.

Fading issue

Many people opt for the black iPhones due to their concern that the white faceplate might fade. But for your information, this is something that you shouldn’t worry about a bit of the iPhone 7 gold has a great faceplate. This doesn’t fade away as they used to in the past with white faceplates. So, you don’t need to buy the black colored phones for such petty reason. Be bold and get the rose gold or the gold color iPhone instead.

Scratch signs

iPhone 7 gold Scratch signs

The iPhone 7 gold cover shows scratch like any other covers. However, comparing to the black it is hardly noticeable. With the jet black covers, you can’t ignore the scratches if you even try hard enough. But if this is a deciding factor for getting a colored cover for your iPhone then the silver one is by far the best to be true. The Gold cover comes close second.

Stand out

Black is the color that will never go out of style. And hardly can you get wrong with this color. So, if you want to play safe, then iPhone 7 jet black is for you. On the other hand, silver is a graceful color, but if you wish for elegance and still want to stand out from the rest, then iPhone 7 gold is the one you need. It is bold, elegant and most importantly looks great with every type of clothing.

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I know the color of the mobile is not an important factor when you buy a new phone. However, if you are buying the iPhone 7 and one to stand out from the crowd, then I will gladly say to get the iPhone 7 gold any day of the week.

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