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How to Solve iPad Disabled Connect to iTunes

Have you ever picked your device and saw the words iPad disabled connect to iTunes. Don’t know about you but I have faced this issue couple of times. My little nephews are quite curious whenever they get their hand on my phone and try every possible code. And as you know if you enter the wrong pass for a couple of times the device gets disabled. I hope you never have to face such issue but if you do then it is important to know what to do. So, don’t wait for the crisis to happen and learn what you should do if you ever face such horrifying moment.

How to solve iPad disabled connect to iTunes

If you ever face the iPad disabled connect to iTunes situation then hope that you have made a backup in the past. If you didn’t that then there is no hope for saving your data. And in that case, you require erasing the data from your device so that you can remove the password. One of the ways of doing that is by using the iTunes. However, to use this method you need to be synced with iTunes or it won’t work.

First of all, if you wish to solve the iPad disabled connect to iTunes problem then you had to have sync with iTunes as you know. Also, that isn’t enough to solve the problem as you then have to follow the steps below to remove the passcode.

To start with, connect your device to your computer to sync with. Then you need to open the iTunes. If it asks for you the passcode then you should try with another computer that you have synced with in past. And if it still does so then you might need to use the recovery mode. The iTunes should automatically sync the device; however, if it doesn’t then you need to do that by yourself. In that case, just use the “Back Up Now” button to sync the devices. After the sync is done, restore the device. To restore the device, you need to pick the option “Restore from iTunes backup” to set up your device. Then from there, the task is easy. Choose your device and choose from the backup. If you have several backups then always use the recent one. The process will take some time to complete. In that moment you need to wait patiently and don’t interrupt anything or it can go wrong. When it is done properly you will see that the device won’t show the message iPad disabled connect to iTunes.

For your information, this process will only work if you have a backup stored in your iTunes. If you don’t then you can’t do anything. Your only option then is the recovery mode as I’ve stated earlier.

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Bottom Line

The iPad disabled connect to iTunes is like a horror movie that haunts Apple users. This is something that many of you have faced or will in the future due to too many wrong passcode inputs. However, now you know what you need to do if you ever face this problem.

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