How to Take the Best Selfie: Strike a Pose

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The majority of holidays revolve around socializing, which is appropriate. But now is the moment to consider you. or more specifically, what people think of you. Today is National Selfie Day.

Self-portraiture isn’t always centered on the self. It’s a method of communication motivated by a desire for other people to perceive us as the person we want them to see us as.

Compared to how we might come across in person, it’s sometimes more revealing and honest. And while self-presentation need not be artifice, it certainly can be. You don’t have to put yourself forward just because you’re taking a picture of yourself.

Just take a look at Cindy Sherman, who has made a profession out of disguising and photographing herself as so many different people.

Sherman doesn’t want to be recognized as the “queen of selfies” (Opens in a new window), but she has used Instagram, YouCam Makeup, and Perfect365 to upload pictures of herself that she has altered to represent the state of the world.

If you’re not yet at ease in front of the camera, imitating her approach and developing your own persona could help you gradually open up.

This tutorial will assist you in getting the ideal photograph, regardless of whether you are a confident selfie taker, believe that your photos don’t capture your true beauty, or wish to create the Instagram equivalent of the Mona Lisa.

Pose Your Best Selfie

Now that everyone is a poser, we’re turning to a few professionals for their tried-and-true tips on how to appear their best when they’re the ones in front of the camera.

Before we get started, remember to snap lots of pictures so you have a wide selection to choose from. Although it may seem like these professionals snapped that picture in a split second, rest assured that their camera rolls are full with wasted shots.

Increase Yourself

Your jaw will look taut and attractive if you pull your face a little bit away from your neck. You shouldn’t stretch out too far since the stress will show on your face. Simply stretch it out a little till you notice a tiny stiffness in the lower portion of your face. Unsurprisingly, Gigi Hadid has it down.

Things are improving your selfie

Look up a little bit rather than right at the camera. Your eyes will gleam as a result, appearing bigger. A little smolder is also added by Imaan Hammam.

Your face may be a little down, but

Being married to Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, and the founder of a cosmetics company in addition to being a model makes Miranda Kerr an expert at taking the ideal selfie. She frequently angles her face downward, for example.

Aside from

It may not look good to take a frontal shot. Turn your face, and perhaps the camera, just a little bit to the side. Try a few different things and see what suits your face the best. Paloma Elsesser looks fantastic from every aspect, but these side views are particularly lovely.

Locate Your Light

For the finest view, turn toward the light, whether it comes from a window, a lightbulb, or somewhere else. For these sequence of photos, Zendaya went into the sun, and you can see how it catches her in all the right places (between the brows, the tip of the nose, above the bow of your lips, and the chin).

Equip yourself

You can take the perfect selfie with just your smartphone, right? No, not always. You can purchase a few items to ensure that you look your best.

Case, LuMee

If it travels with you everywhere, finding good lighting is considerably simpler. Try a LuMee case(Opens in a new window), such as the LuMee Halo Gold Mirror(Opens in a new window), which features a circle of LEDs on the back for other photos and a front bumper ringed with an LED for selfies. You can always have the ideal lighting thanks to the dimmer.

Pendant Lights

While a light-up case is fantastic when you’re on the run, a ring light can be used if you have more control over your surroundings. In general, the 12-inch Razer Ring Light(Opens in a new window) is a good light at a good price. PCMag has a guide to some of the best.

Mirror in a pocket

Use a reflector when you have a natural light source that is very flattering but isn’t exactly where you want the background to be. The compact, foldable PhotoTrust 2 in 1 Pocket Reflector does the job and opens in a new window. To reflect light back onto yourself, be sure to hold it opposite the source of light.

A suggestion from our editors


You will only have a limited number of posing possibilities when you extend your arm. Get a tripod so you can position yourself for photographs so your full body is in the frame and you have more background options.

The UBeesize Phone Tripod(Opens in a new window) is lightweight and portable, and it includes a remote. Ubeesize also makes a tripod that extends up to 67 inches(Opens in a new window) and includes a remote if you require something with additional height.


You’ll have the time and space to capture a great photo if you use a camera remote, such as the CamKix Camera Shutter Remote Control(Opens in a new window). You can hide the remote before the photo is taken if you set the timer on your camera to a few seconds out.

Apps Are the Future

You may employ your photography abilities with apps that have more functionality, like ProCamera(Opens in a new window) for iOS and ProCam X(Opens in a new window) for Android, rather than depending solely on the phone’s default camera app.

These are optional; they’re not required to snap a nice selfie. They’re for people who are familiar with cameras and want more options than a built-in camera app provides.

You may shoot a great selfie with YouCam Perfect (Android(Opens in a new window), iOS(Opens in a new window)) and quickly modify it with a few clicks. Basic editing is free, but a monthly or yearly subscription will give you access to more effects and extras.

Try YouCam Makeup (Android(Opens in a new window), iOS(Opens in a new window)) if you want a more made-up appearance.

A little Facetune (iOS(Opens in a new window)) is also not a problem. It allows you to snap pictures and edit them with a single click or nearly pixel by pixel.

Due to complaints about its successor, Facetune 2, which requires a membership, the original version of the program, which costs a flat $3.99, continues to be the top competitor. Unfortunately, Facetune 2(Opens in a new window) is the only app available to Android users.

With just one click, TouchRetouch makes it simple to get rid of any people or objects that are getting in the way of your perfect selfie. Your shots can be improved in a variety of other ways as well.

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