How to spend less time on Facebook

On 21th Century Facebook is one of the best social media sites to activity our daily life. It makes our life more comfortable and happier. We can share anything on Facebook and spend our leisure time. On Facebook, We can connect our friend and family and sharing our idea on there.

On the other hand, It kills our valuable time, and we are spending more time that is not good news for our future.

EveryMan Spending more then 4 hours per day on Facebook and they are addicting on there If it continues one can’t be a success in his life. It is just wasting your time and one day will realize that there is nothing.

Here is am discussing so topic that can help you to use Facebook less.

1. Disable facebook apps from your mobile, and it will save you time, and You can use that time to read or other activity.

2. Disconnect your mobile phone from the internet. If you connect your mobile to the internet, You will get notified from facebook, and then you will go to use facebook.

3. Set your mind that you will use facebook but after reading. Give pressure to your mind and use facebook but after finishing your reading. Make this habit, and after ten days you will see that you are using less time to facebook.

4. Make a habit to read the book will help you to spend less time on Facebook, read some interesting story or adventure story and you will enjoy and gather knowledge from it.

From the above methods, You will spend less time on Facebook and Make your life happier and make a bright future.

If you have any new idea on how to spend less time on Facebook, please share with me.

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