How to Record Your iPhone Screen

You are mostly eager about how to record your iPhone screen. So, you are most likely here as a result of you already understand that Apple doesn’t permit screen recording apps on the App Store. However, Video managed to slide past the App Store’s verification method and went live for every day that let users record their screen. Sadly, you’re not getting to get another screen recorder app anytime soon! Thus, during this article, we are going to guide you through various ways how to record your iPhone Screen.

how to record iphone screen

1. Record iPhone Screen using quick time player:

Quicktime is a media player fabricated by Apple. It comes from pre-installed with Mac OS. It is available to download for Windows OS. When you are running a Windows-powered system, you need to have an earlier purchased pro key to do QuickTime work. Because you cannot buy a pro key for Windows anymore.

Necessary steps to Record Your iPhone’s Screen Using QuickTime Player:

  • First, click on “File” and hover through the options to select “New Movie Recording.”
  • To record your iPhone’s screen. You should click on the arrow icon, next to the record button and then click on “iPhone.”
  • Then, click the Record button to start recording your iPhone’s screen swiftly.

2. Record iPhone Screen by Using X-Mirage

X-Mirage is available for both Windows and Mac. After you should download.Then install it successfully, you need to follow the steps below to start recording your iPhone’s screen properly.

Steps To Record iPhone Screen Using X-Mirage:

  • First, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring.
  • Then, out the control center.
  • Now, tap on “AirPlay Mirroring.”
  • Finally, on your laptop, hover the pointer over the reflected window to seek out the record button. Just, click thereon to induce started.

3. Record iPhone Screen using Reflector a pair of

Reflector a pair of is one more spectacular code utility out there for each Windows and Macintosh. Follow the steps to know how to record your iPhone’s screen.

Steps To Record Your iPhone’s Screen using  Reflector a pair of:

  • Once with success putting in Reflector a pair of on your system, launch the program. Do note that it’s not a free code, however, comes with an attempt amount of seven days
  • You will get to connect your device to your laptop using If you continue to don’t see your device listed on your computing system. You’ll take the assistance of other on-screen directions to attach your device to the PC using Reflector Detector app out there on the App Store.
  • Just like X-Mirage, you wish to hover the pointer over the reflected window to look at the record button. So click thereon to start out recording.
  • To prevent recording, you wish to click on the record button again.


It is essential to know you how to record your iPhone screen. You should be aware about several solutions to help record your iPhone’s screen. So, if you follow these above rules, you can learn a lot about this. I suggest you follow and materialize these rules for your practical life.


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