how to put music on iphone

How to Put Music on iPhone – Full Guide

Do you love to hear music? Well, everyone loves to listen to music. Nowadays people mostly use their phone for listening music. Now we can listen and share and download music easily through our phone. While it’s easy to download songs on android but its little bit difficult for iPhone users. So, here I will let you know how can you put and play music on your iPhone.

how to put music on iphone

Well, first of all, it isn’t that tough. iPhone is known as world’s safest phone. Yes, to that’s why people use it without any worry. iPhone is offering you high-level safety, and for ensuring your safety, it has some delicate features like you can’t share files without an internet connection, you can’t play download music quickly, and you have to save your music on your iTunes via computer then you can listen that music and much more. Don’t worry! Putting music on your iPhone is easy. Scroll down to know how can you put and play music on iPhone.

So, you want to know put music on your iPhone. Well, here I am sharing two simple methods with you. Here are those methods.


How to put music on your iPhone through iTunes

  1. Download and install iTunes in a computer
  2. Open iTunes on a computer
  3. Connect your phone to a computer with data cable
  4. Select music and drag it to your iPhone’s folder which is on the left side of your iTunes software.
  5. Now the music will sync. So, wait for finishing synchronize


So, this how you can put music on iPhone through iTunes account. Now let me know you how can you put music on your iPhone without using iTunes.  Before I tell you the method, please remember iTunes is apple’s official media player so it would better if you use the iCloud method.

How to put music on your iPhone without using iTunes

Well, there are some ways to play music without iTunes, and the methods are quite safe. So, I am sharing two great ways with you.

Using Dropbox

  1. Create a Dropbox account. (It is offering you a free account with 2 GB storage)
  2. Install the Dropbox application on your computer.
  3. Upload all your favorite music on Dropbox. (the upload may take time)
  4. Install Dropbox on your iPhone and sign in.
  5. Now you will find your uploaded songs here, and you play the songs. (You need internet connection for listening songs from Dropbox)
  6. Want to hear your songs offline? Don’t worry, click on “make available offline” then you can hear your favorite songs without internet connection

So, this is one of the ways to listen to music without iTunes. Now it’s time for another one.

Using Google Play Music

  1. Create a Gmail account
  2. Install Google music manager software on a computer
  3. Sign up for google music manager software
  4. Select Folder where you keep your music
  5. Now click upload and wait for some while
  6. After finishing upload on your google play music account install Google play music on your iPhone
  7. Now you can listen to your uploaded music here with the internet
  8. Want to hear to your music without the internet? Don’t worry; you can download option in song’s menu (the menu is three dots).

Almost forgot to mention, you can also save your songs to your iTunes through Google Play music, and you can add fifty thousand songs in your Google play music account.

In summary, these are the way to put and play music on your iPhone. So, now you can put and play music on your iPhone very easily and enjoy your favorite music anytime.

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