Guidelines To On How to Fix a Phone Speaker

Whether making calls or listening to music, the speaker of your phone plays a significant role. Nevertheless, it is sometimes frustrating to find out that your phone speakers are not working. The big question now remains on how to fix it and ensure that they produce the best music sound possible. Sometimes you may need to visit the manufacturer. However, before you even think of that, here are some of the tips you may need to use to fix your phone’s speaker.

Try Troubleshooting Your Phone

Just like the other phone issues you may experience, troubleshooting is one of the most helpful ways of dealing with speakers that are not working well. The method is the best because it is relatively easy and less tedious than any other method you may decide to use. Always ensure that your phone is not in silent mode. Always check the silent mode icon and try to toggle it to bring it to the General mode.

You Can Restart the Phone to Solve the Speaker Issue

Rebooting your phone can also be a great way to solve the phone’s speaker default; it is considered an easy and cheap remedy for any phone user. The methods in which you restart your phone differ with the kind of a phone you are using. For instance, if you are using iPhone 7, you can use the power off/on and volume down button to restart the phone. Some people use the power off/on along with the home button to reboot their phones in seconds.

Confirm whether your Phone is In Headphone Mode

Sometimes the speaker of your phone may not work because your phone shows that it is playing music even when your earphones are not plugged on the phone. Such a scenario may hinder you from hearing any sound when listening from the phone directly. Your phone may be still recognizing the earphones you had plugged in your phone due to some dust or dirt components within the earphone jack. Hence, it would be great to clean the earphone jack using a soft cloth or cotton and a pin. That will remove all the debris, which may be affecting the sound systems of your phone.

Always Confirm That the Phone Sound Is Now Playing On another Device.

The sound systems of a phone are designed in such a way that they can play on a third-party output device. That happens when you have connected your phone to an airplay device or a Bluetooth speaker. Forgetting to turn off the Bluetooth connection will mean that your phone will continue playing via such devices. To resolve such issues, you need to go to the settings or control panel and turn off the Bluetooth icon switched on.

Try To Update the IOS of Your Phone

Technically, updating your IOS is one of the best ways to fix any software problems you may have on your phone including the sound system issues. Download and update new software and check if your phone’s speaker is working.


The problem of your phone’s speaker may affect other essential features on your phone too. Using the above tips can be significant assets to help you in ensuring that your speaker problems are timely fixed.

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