how to enable cookies in firefox

How to Enable Cookies in Firefox – Best Guide Ever

While navigating the internet a term that comes up very often that you might be familiar with is the word “Cookies.” Often people mistake them for viruses and don’t know what they do. However, that will change today as I will give you a brief knowledge about internet cookies. Also, I will show you how to enable cookies in Firefox so that you can get some benefits from it. Let’s get this party started then if you are ready.

how to enable cookies in firefox

What does “Cookie” mean?

For an easy understanding of the concept first, you need to know how internet browsing works. Using an explorer, you access different websites. During your navigation, there is a communication going on between your computer and the server of the site visited. The site then wants to know some personal data about you to keep them as a package. This is because if you visit the site later, then you don’t require starting the communication from the scratch. That is why you will see some sites asks you for your email, name and other data to keep them stored. And that is my friends what we call cookies. This isn’t something harmful to your PC instead it is for your benefit. And if you want to get on with it then let me show you how to enable cookies in Firefox now.

How to enable cookies in Firefox:

If you want to know how to enable cookies in Firefox, then the first thing you need is to open the browser. Then go to the upper right side of the browser and click on the menu button. You will see a lot of options. Choose the one that says “Preferences” in your Mac operating system. For Windows users, the button is named as “options.” When you click on that button, it will take you to a new window. In the left side of the new window, you will see several menu items. Click the Privacy button from the menu. And this is where the thing gets a tad confusing as there is no button named cookies in the browser. That is because Firefox keeps the cookies settings under the name History. Here the “Firefox will” option will give you the chance to enable or disable your cookie settings. Click on to the drop menu, and you will see three options. If you want to enable the cookies for the browser, then choose the option Remember History, and that’s it. Do that and close the window. The settings will take place as the cookies are enabled. It is as easy as you can get.

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I hope that you now know more about what internet cookies do and also learned how to enable cookies in Firefox. With this feature, you can make your browsing more swift as you don’t require putting the login information all the time. However, sometimes clear the cookies if you log in with any other device that is not yours for your own privacy.

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