dod cyber awareness challenge

The Benefits of Dod Cyber Awareness Challenge


This right version of dod cyber awareness challenge, providing increased steering for on-line conduct and correct use of knowledge technology by the United States. Department of Defense personnel simulates the choices that national data system users build a day as they perform their work. Instead of employing a narrative format, the Challenge presents cybersecurity, info assurance (IA), and knowledge systems security (ISS) awareness educational topics through first-person simulations using mini-games that enable the user to follow and review cybersecurity ideas in an interactive manner.

dod cyber awareness challenge

The introduction explains that data system users area unit accountable for protective sensitive and classified info, also because of the information system on that this info resides. Within the presentation, users area unit conferred with the categories of selections they’re expected to create throughout the dod cyber awareness challenge and also the consequences of their choices within the marking mechanisms.

As a user makes these situational selections, the user is introduced to threats related to spyware, malicious code, phishing, fraud, and also the corporate executive risk, also as what to try to once encountering classified or sensitive documents on the net. Users expertise the importance of maintaining info security situational awareness once out of a secure space. Users learn security ideas they have to follow in their daily routine at work, whereas working and on their home systems.


The benefits of  dod cyber awareness challenge:

Undoubtedly, dod cyber awareness challenge is most useful for a person for all time. If you’ve got taken a look at, you may have noticed that the Pentagon still classifies sophistication with U.S. policy as a threat indicator that a federal worker could be a spy.

Government staff area unit still dinged with a loss of points in an exceedingly spy-catching game if they don’t determine dissent and foreign travel as her threat indicators.

But not everybody agrees. Some critics maintain that the federative government is sound on the first change. And lots of consultants believe that this coaching may be counter-productive.

First change

One dedicated federal worker, UN agency took the coaching in office so much far from the Pentagon, told HuffPost that its goal appears to be “to encourage employees to spot people with crucial opinions regarding our government and overtly think about them suspect.”

The Ana Montes Case

DIA investigator Scott W. songster is attributable to exposure the role of Ana Montes as a Cuban spy. Songstercreated it clear that Montes’ political opinions were solely of limited use in his investigation.

Product practicality Requirements

To fulfill technical practicality necessities, this awareness product was developed to perform with Windows in operation systems victimization either web human (IE) or Firefox browsers. Victimization another OS or application isn’t counseled as users might not be able to complete the coaching or print the certificate of completion. If you’ve got problems launching the coaching, please discuss with the Troubleshooting Guide.



Dod cyber awareness challenge is beneficial for everyone. Regarding printing Certificates: once you complete the coaching, you want to be connected to a printer and print your document directly. If you don’t print the certificate once you reach the final screen, you will have to be compelled to retake the course to access a brand new document.

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