is malwarebytes safe

Can Malwarebytes Protect My Computer?

Nowadays everyone is using computer and computer is one of the most important things of our daily life. Now through the computer and the internet, we are doing lots of famous works. Internet and computer made our life easier than before. However, there is a bad thing which is always trying to give us the worst experience on the web, and it also want to damage our computer and the devil is Virus. Malware is one of the most dangerous software which can damage our computer. For protecting our computer from Malware, we need an antivirus.

is malwarebytes safe

As I said before, the malware is a computer-damaging software, so we have to protect our computer from malware with an antivirus. Malwarebytes is a 100% safe antivirus which can scan and clear all malware symptoms. It can find and destroy all viruses from your computer. Malwarebytes is a product of a well-known company Malwarebytes Corporation.

So, for protecting your PC from malware, and anti-malware software is essential. The Malwarebytes is not only for computer, but you can also use it on your mobile, and yes, it is also sufficient for your android mobile.

In 2017 a new virus arrived which is known as ransomware, it’s a dangerous virus. But Malwarebytes is protecting thousands of computers from ransomware. So, the Malwarebytes is safe to use for your devices.

Now let me know you some advantages and disadvantages of Malwarebytes, scroll down to read more.


If you think Malwarebytes is just an anti-malware software, then you are wrong because it can scan and clean all the viruses and harmful things from your computer.

Some antiviruses are very slow even those antiviruses take more than hours. But Malwarebytes can scan fast and correctly.

The best feature of Malwarebytes is, it will delete and block malicious and harmful stuff. So, Malwarebytes is safe to use, and it will assure a virus less computer for you.

Malwarebytes is very easy to use, it’s not that difficult like other antiviruses. So, you can easily use it.

Malwarebytes will always protect your device from malware, and it will save your device and computer from other harmful viruses.

Well, everything also has a downside. So, here are the disadvantages of Malwarebytes.


Malwarebytes can’t fix the infected file or software. It can only do send that file in a separate portion, or it will delete that infected file or software. There is no way to recover that software with Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes can’t scan and detect those viruses or infected files of software which are in the archive. But there is a solution for it. If you unpack the archive than Malwarebytes scanner can scan those diseased files of the archive.

In summary, Malwarebytes is a great anti-malware. You can try this. Are you scared of losing your money? Don’t worry it will also offer you a free version and a trial version of that premium version. If you feel Malwarebytes is safe, then you can go for the premium version. So go and download from Malwarebytes official website but don’t download from any third-party website and try it yourself.

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