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How can Amazon Cloud Reader Help Me?


The book is a way to gather knowledge, isn’t it? There was a time when book lovers have to carry heavy books with them because of the love the read books. However, that time is almost gone! Well, now we are living in the 21st Century, and it is the era of modern technology. Now we don’t need to carry heavy books because now we can carry books on your laptop, mobile, eBook reader, etc. Now we can carry thousands of books in a simple Amazon cloud reader, and we can also read books online. Nowadays, Amazon Kindle is a very efficient way to read and buy books and save that book on Kindle cloud. So, anytime you can read that book through kindle cloud reader.

amazon cloud reader

Advantages of Amazon Cloud Reader:

Kindle cloud reader is one of the most beneficial features of Amazon Kindle. Always we can’t keep our eBook reader with us, but sometimes we badly need it. At that time, we can read eBooks through the Cloud reader even if you don’t have any Amazon Kindle eBook Reader, No Problem! You can read eBooks online. However, if you just have an Amazon account, then you can buy books and read those books online through this cloud reader. Without a device, you can get almost all facilities, how? Scroll down to know more.


Kindle Cloud is just a cloud storage like Google Drive, Mega Drive, Dropbox. You can use it like other cloud storages with your Amazon account. As I mentioned, Kindle cloud is just a cloud storage so your all books will be saved on Amazon’s server so you can sign in from any device to read your books on the web. So, don’t even think that the cloud reader is an e-reader, it’s just a method to access your cloud library by the internet.


It also has a great feature, and the feature is, you can buy free books from Kindle store. How? Simple, just go for those books which are free but how can you identify an open book? It’ll show 00.00 in the price section. How can you get that book on your kindle cloud reader? At first, go to that book’s page then you can see an option under ‘Buy Now’ which is ‘Deliver To’ so now select Kindle Cloud Reader and then click Buy Now. Now your desired Book is in your cloud reader.


One of the remarkable benefits of the cloud reader is, you can use two Kindle accounts at the same time. But for using two accounts together, you have to use a valid Amazon account and a local Amazon account. What is my amazon account? If you are from the UK, then your local Amazon site is,


You can also read Kindle in offline mode. For this you have to download that book then you can read that book in your web browser


Well, these are the advantages of Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader. Now let me know you a disadvantage of the cloud reader.

BIG Disadvantage of Amazon Kindle Reader:

The big problem with the Kindle cloud reader is, it will never show your personal documents, and even you can’t upload it. The web page will just show you those books you bought from the Kindle store. But you can upload your personal documents through your Kindle app or device, and you can download those only on a Kindle device.


In conclusion,

Amazon Cloud Reader is an excellent feature for book lovers, and they can also save money because they don’t have to buy the device. Now they can enjoy their favorite books from any computer and smartphone’s web browser.

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