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Is There Any Black iPhone 6 or Not?

People are all going crazy with the iPhone 7 as it has become a ritual whenever the latest flagship smartphone from Apple hits the market. However, some people still love their old iPhone 6. But after seeing the latest iPhone model, one question started to blow all over the internet. Why there was no black iPhone 6 while there is two black shaded iPhone 7. This is quite frustrating for many users as many would have loved to see the iconic black finish in the back of their iPhone 6. But don’t be mad after all as you are getting the same advantages of the latest black colored back finish in your smartphones without having one. Confusing, isn’t it? Let us find what it is all about then.

Black iPhone 6

Is there any black iPhone 6 or not?

Like the iPhone 5 model, iPhone 6 also came to the market with only three color options. And again for some reason, there was no black iPhone 6 like their previous version smartphones. You get the colors gold, silver and space gray. However, that has changed as the new iPhone 7 offers a variety of color packs. And there are even two black colors finishes in the back. Nonetheless, without having the black iPhone 6, customers can easily get the same advantage of having an iPhone 7 in black without their knowledge. Let me show you around to get you acquainted with it.


  • The space gray colored iPhone 6 is the black iPhone 6 in many ways and even better. Because in this color iPhone the faceplate is black like in the iPhone 7 that comes in the black or jet black color. Therefore, you can enjoy watching movies or your favorite TV shows the same way that you do on your TV or monitors. You don’t get distracted looking at the faceplate as it disguises itself nicely. Also, playing games in the space gray iPhone are much easier on the eyes too.


  • The space gray model is the black iPhone 6 but better as I have mentioned earlier. That is because the previous iPhone 5 had a lot of issues with their black casing. It showed the scratches that are hard for anyone to ignore. That is why there is no black model in iPhone 6, and they went with the gray one. They kept the faceplate color black to give the immersive feeling while watching or playing on the iPhone. But they changed the back, so the scratches won’t be seen so easily like they used to do.


  • The black iPhone 6 or in reality the space gray one is also great as you don’t have to worry about the faceplates fading. This is something that the other two colored iPhone 6 owners have to worry about a lot, but not the ones who got the black faceplate.

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I know there is no black iPhone 6 available and that makes some owners disappointed. Black is the color of many and if it is yours too then find a black cover for your smartphone as that is the last resort.


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