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Inbound call tracking software assigns sources to inbound phone calls. Organizations can track which sources are generating the most calls by generating different local and 1-800 numbers for advertisements, website locations, and pay-per-click campaigns and keywords.

Furthermore, advanced call routing and interactive voice response systems are frequently included in products to qualify leads and provide more granular reporting.

Marketing teams most commonly use inbound call tracking products to better measure the success of specific marketing campaigns.

To include offline conversion in overall funnels, inbound call tracking products integrate with digital analytics and digital advertising tools. They also work with CRM software to successfully log and track leads.

  • A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for inclusion in the Inbound Call Tracking category:
  • Create unique numbers for various advertising campaigns.
  • Based on unique numbers, determine which campaign individual calls are coming from.

What is Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Inbound call tracking software can be used to solve a variety of business problems that marketing teams and sales professionals frequently face.

Inbound call tracking software assigns incoming phone calls to their sources, allowing businesses to identify the sources that generate the most calls.

This is advantageous for marketing teams because these systems provide greater insight into the success (or failure) of specific advertisements and campaigns.

Inbound call tracking software frequently includes call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which help qualify leads and provide detailed reporting to managers.

  • The Most Important Advantages of Inbound Call Tracking Software
  • Monitors the origins of incoming phone leads.
  • Reports on the effectiveness of offline and online advertising campaigns that lead to offline conversions.
  • Creates a more complete picture of how customers discover your brand and interact with your company.
  • Conversions are optimized in order to build a stronger, more effective marketing strategy.

Why Use Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Inbound call tracking is an unnecessary consideration for a number of businesses. Family-owned retail stores, for example, may not have the necessary call volume to warrant such a solution.

If you run a business that receives a high volume of inbound calls, particularly those related to marketing efforts, these software solutions have the potential to deepen your understanding of your audience and lead to improvements across your entire organization, including but not limited to an optimized sales approach and more closed deals.

Users reported call tracking accuracy, budgeting, and reporting and forecasting as three of the most significant business problems solved by inbound call tracking software in their G2 reviews.

Accurate call tracking — Tracking the source of calls is critical for many marketing and sales processes. The information gathered by inbound call tracking software is used to determine the quality of prospects and leads.

Because the accuracy of lead quality is dependent on the quality of the information stored, the advantages of utilizing inbound call tracking software are obvious.

Reviewers repeatedly stated that inbound call tracking software accurately represents where calls originate, allowing marketing and sales teams to track leads and conversions more effectively.

This includes automated call routing, call recording, and IVR systems, all of which aid in qualifying leads and determining value.

Budgeting — Knowing how effective marketing campaigns and advertising efforts are can help businesses save money and scale. Knowing what works and what doesn’t can greatly help advertising and marketing teams allocate ad spend and marketing dollars.

Users value inbound call tracking from a financial standpoint because the software can show how marketing dollars affect potential prospects and leads. Companies can see the big picture of how offline and online campaigns lead to conversions thanks to the reporting insights provided by these tools.

Reporting and forecasting — To make tracking more granular and accurate, many inbound call tracking tools include dynamic number insertion (DNI).

This procedure entails automatically inserting an assigned campaign number into a live online advertisement or anywhere on a website where a phone number appears. This allows businesses to see who has visited their website and when.

DNIs, for example, are mentioned by reviewers as being useful for reporting on the source of leads and forecasting the effectiveness of future campaigns. This allows marketers and sales reps to zero in on prospects with high value, which can lead to higher engagement and sales numbers.

Other Advantages

Inbound call tracking software assigns sources to incoming phone calls, allowing businesses to track these sources. This assists marketing teams by providing more insight into successful advertisements and campaigns. As a result, it is easier to budget ad spend, raise brand awareness, and qualify leads.

Other advantages of inbound call tracking software include:

  • Creating a more efficient marketing strategy
  • Increasing ROI and lowering cost-per-lead (CPL)
  • Leads are stored in CRM software for easy access.
  • Increasing engagement and ensuring accuracy

Who Uses Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking solution providers frequently specialize in various telecommunication requirements and develop additional features and capabilities that users require.

Call routing, call answering pools, interactive voice response (IVR), autodialers, and call recording are among the features available. Such features can greatly aid sales and marketing efforts.

Following the launch of a campaign, such as an inbound marketing campaign, a tracking platform can assist in analyzing the resulting customer phone calls, providing detailed tracking data, and monitoring the campaign lifecycle to determine ultimate conversion rates and the effectiveness of various ads and marketing channels.

These analyses can help you refine your company’s overall marketing strategy by transferring the best leads to sales team members, who can then nurture these relationships and increase revenues.

Contact centers and customer service representatives can also use these platforms to supplement contact center infrastructure software and expand the capabilities of the company’s inbound call center.

Users can communicate with sales or marketing teams about customer opportunities, feedback, and valuable insights gleaned from phone calls, in addition to improving call data and streamlining workflows.

Inbound Call Tracking Software Features

Providers of call tracking solutions specialize in various telecommunication needs and develop features and capabilities that users may require.

Inbound phone call routing, call answering pools, interactive voice response (IVR), autodialers, and call recording are examples of these.

Investigate how a more robust and automated phone interaction system with customers may benefit your business, then identify which vendors provide the features you require.

You can determine whether an inbound call tracking solution is worth the investment once you’ve determined the benefits and must-haves.

The best way to fully comprehend an individual platform’s capabilities is to go to the vendor’s website and contact or schedule a demo.

The following are a few major components you may encounter and how they can benefit your business.

Analytics — The real-time reporting provided by these applications transforms everyday phone conversations into reservoirs of data that can help your marketing efforts.

These platforms will tell you much more than the phone numbers of your phone calls if a potential customer calls your business in response to one of your ads or calls-to-action (CTA). For example, you can learn whether a potential customer saw your ad on social media or elsewhere.

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Location data, referral sources, and, over time, insights into the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and phone calls can be gathered from a variety of angles.

Each tool in the category has a unique feature set and may prioritize certain analytics over others, so do your homework when selecting an inbound tracking solution for your team’s specific goals or needs.

Best Inbound Call Tracking Software

DNI (dynamic number insertion) — Many call tracking vendors provide DNI as a way to improve tracking granularity and accuracy.

DNI allows businesses to identify a visitor’s source even after they have visited your website to research your company. Discuss with vendors whether they offer DNI and how your company will need to implement it for this level of precision.

Call tracking vendors typically offer agency packages with group registration rates and centralized customer portals because many marketing agencies relicense call tracking software for their customers.

Look for these deals if you’re looking for software on behalf of a company. If you’re an in-house marketer, keep in mind that some vendors prioritize agencies over other businesses as potential customers, so you might get better rates and service from a vendor with a history of working with in-house marketing teams.

Integrations of digital advertising — Call tracking is useful for tracking conversion sources ranging from outdoor advertising to flyers, events, and television commercials.

However, one common application of call tracking is to determine which online sources are driving offline conversions.

An active integration with digital advertising software facilitates assigning DNI numbers to campaigns and reporting across all sources and conversion types.

This could include tracking against different campaigns as well as tracking against specific search keywords—the ability to do so varies by product.

Additional Inbound Call Tracking Features

IVR — Interactive voice response (IVR) provides callers with additional convenience for directing their calls by providing a menu of options that can be triggered with voice commands in addition to dial pad entry.

Click-to-call communications are voice conversations that begin with a hyperlink or web form. This is especially noticeable in mobile search and advertising efforts.

Such conversations must be efficiently and effectively tracked. Inbound call tracking tools can aid in the facilitation, reception, and analysis of click-to-call conversations.

Compare Inbound Call Tracking Software

Discover the best Call Tracking Software for your company. To create your list, compare product reviews and features.


CallRail makes it simple for businesses of all sizes to convert more leads into more satisfied customers. Our marketing analytics and business communications solutions, which serve over 200,000 businesses and integrate with leading marketing and sales software, provide real-time insights that enable our customers to market confidently.

Infinity Call Tracking

Learn what happened before, during, and after each call, and then take concrete steps to improve marketing and operational efficiencies.

Infinity is a world-class call intelligence service that offers granular visitor tracking. Discover the exact keyword clicked, webpages visited, and campaign that was used prior to making a call. Improve your marketing tactics by removing the guesswork about what is producing results.

Infinity is integrated with over 45 other platforms in over 75 countries to provide you with complete visibility into each caller’s customer journey.

Adobe products, Salesforce, and an unrivaled collection of Google services are included. Our Conversation Analytics suite can also recognize the types of calls you receive and catalog them at scale for easy access, training, and analysis.


Phonexa is an all-in-one marketing automation suite that enables businesses to optimize inbound web and call campaigns, as well as outbound call, email, and SMS campaigns, all while enhancing the consumer journey at every step of the way.

Phonexa’s customizable tools for calls, leads, clicks, email, and SMS marketing, which include seven turnkey solutions, maximize workflow efficiency for direct advertisers and lead generators alike.

Phonexa has the scalability, tools, and partnerships to serve clients across all industries, particularly those with high consumer demand for products and services.


Clarify your marketing strategy. WhatConverts is a comprehensive lead tracking platform. WhatConverts automatically informs marketers and business owners about the effectiveness of their marketing.

For all leads, use WhatConverts for call tracking, form tracking, and chat tracking. WhatConverts provides keyword call tracking for PPC ads, revealing which campaigns perform best.

WhatConverts also has strong lead management and reporting capabilities. It is more than just call tracking software; it is a full lead tracking, management, and reporting dashboard.


Ringba is an inbound call tracking and analytics platform for businesses, call centers, and professional pay per call marketers.

Ringba’s real-time call routing, ring tree for calls, and industry-leading analytics provide more ROI than any other platform. There are no contracts, minimums, or overages. For more information, please contact us at (800) 824-5000 or


CallSource provides advanced call tracking technologies that employ real human call analysts rather than machine learning to collect business intelligence about your customers and the effectiveness of your marketing programs, while also assisting in the improvement of call handler performance and brand reputation.

CallSource is the industry’s leading technology-enabled business performance system, optimizing our clients’ revenue, profit, and brand reputation.

CallSource pioneered the call tracking industry and has since evolved into the industry leader in actionable analytics. We provide insights to help our clients solve, strategize, and implement solutions based on their sales performance data.

Since 1991, CallSource has recorded and analyzed over one billion phone calls, providing thousands of businesses in the United States, Canada, and Australia with cost-per-lead analysis, sales conversion percentages, sales recapture solutions, and training and coaching solutions.

CallSource believes in improving the performance and accomplishments of our clients and employees. To learn more about CallSource, go to Call CallSource at 888-788-0123 today.

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