Stop Debt Collectors With a 11 Word Phrase

If you want to learn how to stop debt collectors from harassing you and your family this article will provide some useful information. Most people who are harassed by debt collectors don’t even know that they have rights. This article provides information about what a consumer has the right to do in order to stop those harassment tactics. It is also important to realize that there are many different things that a debt collector can ask to get paid such as; phone calls, letters, etc. This article will address what a debt collector can legally ask you to pay and what they cannot legally ask you to pay. Click here for more details about precision castpartsfederal credit union

A few years back I received a telephone call from a collection agency. I had never heard of the debt collectors before and when I asked who owned the number they told me they were from the credit card agency and they owed me money. I asked for proof that I was owed money and the collection agent was still on the phone. I used the 11-word phrase to stop debt collectors from harassing me and my family and I used it on the phone to tell them that they could not contact me anymore without permission or I would send them all the evidence that I had collected and they would be obliged to leave.

This was all it took and I was able to send the debt collection agency packing. However, if I had not used this phrase on the phone it is possible that I would have been harassed even more. The problem with using this particular phrase is that it is very easy to misunderstand and it can cause a lot of problems for a person or family. When using this particular phrase, it is important to remember that a debt settlement company does not have the right to take legal action against you.

In addition to the phrase “stop debt collectors” it is also important to understand exactly what a debt collector is allowed to do. A debt collector is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice. A debt collector is not allowed to contact a third party such as your employer or your bank in order to collect a debt. Furthermore, they are not allowed to make deals with anyone other than yourself or your designated representative.

Unfortunately, debt collectors will use all of these tactics in order to get their money from you. All it takes is one telephone call and they will follow up with an official letter or a demand for immediate payment. If you do not pay the money owed in full at that time you will likely receive additional calls and letters from debt collectors. You have to be prepared for these types of tactics before you choose to use “stop debt collectors”.

A written validation from a creditor is the next best thing to an official letter. To show the collector that you actually own the debt that they are trying to collect you can send them a certified letter or simply follow the instructions included on the website for a written validation. Legally debt collectors are required to validate every claim they receive. Once the debt collector receives a written validation they must notify the creditor. The creditor must then respond in writing to the collector within a given amount of time. If the collector’s request is denied, the creditor may then take legal action against you.

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